Thailand office Jini SCM Co. Ltd. (Thailand)
PIC: Mr. Sukit Chewawech (Executive Director)
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Who we are

Jini SCM (S) Pte Ltd was setup in January 2009 for the core function of establishing itself as a strategic supplier of speciality chemicals to varied Chemical Industries. It is a part of ECT Corporation.

Our strength lies in partnering with industry experts and leaders. In the last 6 years, we have built a team of highly experienced people, with enhanced levels of innovative skill sets, varied exposure and knowledge to create value, offer supply consistency and invest in long term and mutually beneficial relationship with our Customers and Suppliers.

Our team leaders have unique abilities in understanding Customers’ nuanced needs and provide well researched and optimal solutions with no compromise on quality and service .

Jini SCM derives its strength from several backward and forward integration processes from its parent company, ECT Corporation, and it builds on these strengths to bring in exceptional benefits to its Customers. Coupled with this,is the fact that the management and lead team members of the company have experience of over 25 years in the field of Engineering, Operations, International Business and Consultancy in Chemical Industry. Jini SCM Team has a detailed understanding of Commercial, Technical, Financial and Service parameters of the Chemical Industry, which positions the company as a reliable Chemical Supplier.

The company has access to the latest information and updates pertinent to the Industry and this information is shared on a timely basis with the Customers and Suppliers. We have developed a system of accumulating, assessing and analysing information to create an ecosystem of information which helps us, our Customers and our Suppliers immensely.

Thailand office Jini SCM Co. Ltd. (Thailand)  E-brochure | T&C
PIC: Mr. Sukit Chewawech (Executive Director)        

What we do

At Jini SCM, our philosophy lies in Customer Delight. We believe in going beyond mere ‘satisfaction’ and endeavour to delight our Customers with our service levels, commitment and attention to detail. That, in itself, constitutes our company’s goal.

Our vision is to deal in Chemical & Products which we very well understand and have our forte in to put forth a winning combination of excellent product and unparalleled service commitment.

Chemicals Product Portfolio

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A few key features

Food & Beverages

In late 2015, we have ventured into Spanish Wine (La Rioja & Catalan regions) and Olive Oil (also from Spain).

We intend to invest in a calibrated manner in this segment and have set up goals to market these high quality products not only in Singapore but in the whole of ASEAN and Far East regions.

We have excellent sourcing wineries (some more than 200 years old!) and olive oil producers and have all certifications and regulatory approvals already in place to sell these premium quality products which are also priced very competitively. Our range of Wines and Olive Oils are not available anywhere in Asia.

High Pressure Decorative Laminates

Since Y2014, we have been dealing in HPL products and have long term agreements and arrangements with established manufacturers and producers of HPL products. This is done through our Thailand office (Manolam Trading Co. Ltd., see for further information).

We also use our warehouses and distribution centres in Thailand to cater to the whole ASEAN region market.

We launch a set of 25 new designs every month and the quality of our laminates has very high appreciation amongst all customer base. Our current turnover is already in several Millions of THB (Thai Bahts).

Foundation & Management

Mr. Rajesh J. Purohit

Managing Director